PARTY OFFER 9:30am Saturday and Sunday ONLY £16pp


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PARTY OFFER 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday ONLY £16pp including food for 10+.

OR add party bags for £2.50 per person

This includes:

  • An hour and 20  minutes climbing session (includes 20 minutes briefing, 55 minutes climbing & 5 minutes to remove harnesses)
  • Private party room for 30-40 minutes after climbing
  • Choice of Hot or Cold lunches:
    • COLD OPTION INCLUDES jam, ham, cheese or tuna mayo sandwich.  his option includes all of the following: Quavers, Yogurt, Drink, Raisins and a ice cream.
    • HOT OPTION INCLUDE chicken nuggets, hot dog, sausage, fish fingers and veggie fingers. This option includes all of the following: chips, beans, jugs of juice and a ice cream.
  • Optional free ‘Leap of Faith’ for the birthday boy or girl
  • Party Invitations for you to print out or email or collect from us.

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